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Special Lifting

Please note the special hydraulic structure, which represents a unique technology.

We were the first company to purchase a 4 point Lift-System with the capacity of 600 tons in Hungary. This structure is suitable for placing high-volume machines and machine parts in a close area and taking them off from a transport vehicle. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical moving in a narrow workshop.


  • TAUFORM Kft. Budapest
  • ALUTECH Kft. Kálló
  • SEMPER FORM Kft. Sopron
  • ZALAKERÁMIA Zrt. Romhány


Lajos Matin - Managing Director

István Tóth - Technical Manager

Contact persons:

Péter Tóth – Technical Manager
+36 30 252 31 44

Henrietta Matin – Assistant
+36 30 747 86 86