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Modular air-cushion system

The result of our latest development is a 112 ton air-lift transport equipment (luftkissen), which ensures the integrity of the floor during machine moving installation. The lifting-transporting operation is assured with 4 air cushions at an air pressure of 8 bars and at an air delivery limit of 6000 litres/min. An air layer generated under the air cushion ensures that the floor underneath will not be damaged even if they are of sensitive materials as resin and other similarly soft materials. The building height of the air cushion: min. 5 cm, capacity area of the air cushion: 1 m2.



Lajos Matin - Managing Director

István Tóth - Technical Manager

Contact persons:

Péter Tóth – Technical Manager
+36 30 252 31 44

Henrietta Matin – Assistant
+36 30 747 86 86